If you are in your 60’s and happen to be a somewhat white gal with brittle bones, it is probably not a good idea to throw yourself off a moving bicycle onto the hard fissured asphalt of a steep hill far from home.


Even if it is in a pastoral setting with shade giving overhead boughs, corn fields stretching into the distant perspective and song birds trilling you a personal tribute, even so, this story does not turn out well.
And though this is not a tale of woe and horror — no animals were sacrificed, no lives were lost, no disfigurement was permanent , still there  was pain and suffering enough to  satisfy prurient demands.

It was  a long afternoon of beautiful bike ride with a swim in our neighbors pool as reward at the end. but instead it concluded at Urgent Care … The clean, air conditioned surreal world of intakes and re intakes offers plenty of opportunity to practice one of Siddhartha’s recommend life tools —waiting.   It seems the computers were down and hospitals are almost incapable of delivering service without computers. No department can talk to any other department even though the cavernous halls were empty and they could have walked the x-Rays over without even doing any heavy breathing. After extensive apologies and a well received candy treat, oops, I mean Percocet, I was released with instructions to have my fractured elbow AND wrist set on Monday at the orthopedic docs.

My hat is now off to all those people who deal with physical challenges every day. The things we take for granted. Like being able to put a barrette in my hair, or slicing a lemon or getting dressed in the morning. I am sweating and exhausted and ready for a nap before breakfast.

And can we talk about pain for a moment?


“Pain insists upon being attended to.

God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our consciences, but shouts in our pains.

It is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.

Those are the words of CS Lewis and he was a smarter dude than I will ever be. and though my hearing is not all that acute anymore.. you can bet your bottom dollar I was listening now.  There must be something to learn here ( besides that it is a good idea to stay on one’s bike until you can more gracefully dismount). Humility, appreciation, time to smell the roses. Yeah…. no.
Good ole Oprah tells us to ” Turn your wounds into wisdom.”  Sounds good but it’s not happening yet. Maybe tomorrow .

Meanwhile I am listening to Bruno Mars : Lazy Song lazy songToday I don’t feel like doing anything. I just want to lay in my bed.

You might try it ….without the bike acrobatics.

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