The Best Coleslaw

The Best Coleslaw

This is ready in 5 minutes –7 tops –if you have all the ingredients. It is best with cabbage from the farmer’s market (but isn’t everything?). It is fresh, good for you and very yummy. Cut me some slack on quantities. Precise or detail oriented are not adjectives used to describe me. But try this anyway.... it will be good almost no matter what you do to it.


White cabbage – a chunk

Red Cabbage – a chunk

1 carrot

2 red radishes

A piece of red or green pepper

Slice and then chop the cabbages as fine as you like.

You can grate or food process them but I like them chopped and it is easy.

If you have a coarse grater use that to grate the carrot and the radishes and peppers.

Toss it all up (three minutes thus far) and it is time to mix the dressing.

In a small bowl mix

Mayonnaise ( roughly ¼ cup)

Tamari ( couple of dashes)

Balsamic vinegar ( ditto on the dashes)

¼ cup of Paul Newman’s Italian salad dressing ( or similar that you have or made)

Mix it together and pour it on the slaw. It should be lightly dressed. Salt and pepper to taste. I do not find that it needs anything else.


5 minutes is up.

Dig in!