essenceShanti Nagel

Me too, me too

essenceShanti Nagel
Me too, me too

Me too, me too

Don’t forget about me.

Clamoring to comprehend the darkness

That seems to bubble up unending from below.

Entertainment, restaurants, cleaning staff, Supreme Court

Presidential, blue collar, white collar, no collar.


My grandmother, mother, my aunts, my experience

My daughters and now my granddaughter.

When will it end?

We, the people,

 the mothers and the fathers,

The aunts and the uncles.

The grandmothers and grandfathers

The teachers and the coaches

We must be doing something wrong.

Raising boys to be men

Be strong, don’t show your feelings,

Pound your friends and enemies

Take what you want

Instead of good people

Kind, respectful, gentle, humble does not seem to fly

Tough, strong, unemotional, virile, fearless is the bottom line

How and when did we go so wrong?

Who hid the soul of our men?

They suffer from isolation and fear and loneliness

In their barricaded lives of fear.

Me too – they silently implore

Me too – longing for tenderness.


Above: My daughters in the mid 80’s

Below: Two of my four grandsons