Delusions of Spring

If you are lucky enough to have a garden (or more likely it has you) this is the perfect time to use it as a prop. We need all the help available to get through March.

Here in the NE people are worn down. We are all thinking of spring but still have to look really close to actually see any signs.  Rushing to town early this morning I opened the front door and walked right into a huge dump of heavy wet snow slapped down on the front steps. Wait I am pretty sure it did not snow again last night. Nope. This was a slide and land from the roof. We are talking two feet deep including huge, icy chunks rising out in sharp angles.

snow storm, spring bulbs 028.jpg

Spring? Well, technically it is this week. The birds are more excited and the light is changing and last week we spotted the woodchuck  probably a dozen of em living under the old shed) peeking out to see if there was any kale ready for him yet. But it is still going to be awhile before we can sunbathe on the deck.

So this is when I get out the seed catalog. Flick through the glossy pages. Mouth watering greens. Flashing crimson tomatoes. I touch the page softly and imagine those perfect orange pumpkins and giant golden sunflowers spreading in profusion in my garden. It’s a beautiful sight.

This is the time of year when my garden is perfect — colorful, weed free, no bugs, bursting with goodies begging to be harvested and I am not on my knees and my hands are clean. Okay I know it is a fantasy, but you have to admit, it’s not bad. And really low calorie.

This summer I am considering wallpapering the garden fence with pages from the catalog  — and calling it a day.

Below are some of my favorite fantasy catalogs: