Seven Dancing Decades

Seven Dancing Decades

I have known birds

The sharp call of the red-tailed hawk swooping down from heaven

I have known dust bunnies poised to remind me of the temporal, shedding nature of this life

Calling out to me: go lightly

I have known little ones…

I have known chewed fingernails, tight shoulders and creased foreheads filled with vague worries of things to come

I have known sprouts pushing up out of moist earth bravely reaching toward the light

I have known wind blowing through the willow beckoning me to fly

I have known colors sparkling like gems, caressing flowers, stamping skin,

I have known to count my breaths

I have known almost nothing in a universe so vast

In my seven decades, I have begun to listen

Tomorrow I will begin knowing

 Perhaps I need a net

A screen, a waterfall of separation

The world steps back

A quiet descends

I am alone

A neophyte, a babe, inexperienced and innocent

In the art of aloneness

Stillness, solitude is the new me.

I try it on like a new dress

A little stiff, uncomfortable

self-conscious with the strangeness of my new companion.